BJP will win all 80 Uttar Pradesh seats in 2024: Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak


Uttar Pradesh

The BJP will win all 80 seats from Uttar Pradesh in the 2024 parliamentary elections, wiping out the vote share of all opposition parties including the Samajwadi Party, Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak claimed Saturday. "Akihlesh Yadav has confined himself to Twitter and social media, while BJP leaders and workers are carrying out the message of welfare schemes launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi," he told the media at the Circuit House here, attacking the Samajwadi Party chief. His statement came hours after a banner emerged at the SP headquarters in Lucknow with this message: "UP + Bihar = Gayi Modi Sarkar (If Uttar Pradesh and Bihar join hands, the Modi government will be ousted." Pathak said the Samajwadi Party's vote share would be obliterated in 2024. "The

BJP has defeated Opposition parties including the Samajwadi Party in 2014, 2017, 2019. And in 2024, we will get all 80 seats," he said. In a reply to a question, Pathak also said there is no need to be apprehensive.

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